• 1040209

    To hibernate or not to hibernate

    Outside is currently cold, wet and dirty. Already there are icy patches on the road and the salt applied to keep you from slipping is a bike killer. To be honest, this is enough…

    2 December 2016
  • 1040362

    How do you fuel?

    We were getting ready to hop on our bikes, when my cycling buddy grabbed a roll of wine gums from his pocket and started pressing the gummies to his frame, one by one, making…

    11 November 2016
  • Etxeondo -11 CIMAS

    Etxeondo and my ride in Basque Country

    In my last post I wrote about how to prepare for a big ride. My brief research into the subject led to 6 tips to get your mental situation in the right state for…

    1 September 2016

    I’m cycling in the rain

    Inspired by this week’s weather I gathered a few great tips for when you go riding in the rain. Because sometimes you have no choice but to go riding in less favourable weather. And…

    27 May 2016
  • MAAPRITTE_Melbourne_Curtes_9326

    The drink bottle

    You might think that writing a post about drink bottles (or bidons) is a waste of time. I think you’re wrong. And it’s only a short one anyway. Consider this: You shell out hundreds…

    7 April 2016
  • lumiere

    Who says there’s no cool gear?

    Life’s too short to wear ugly cycling gear. And now is a good time to get a fresh kit. Most brands have just launched their spring/summer 2016 collections, and others will be launching soon. Here’s…

    31 March 2016
  • MSRsmall

    Pre-race preps for the spectator

    The cycling season is on! So it’s time to tune in, sit back and enjoy the rides. But once you’re all set up and the race is on its way, what are the crucial moments…

    20 March 2016
  • Canyon Sram

    UCI Women’s WorldTour 2016

    Women’s cycling is gaining momentum. The number of elite level female athletes is increasing and opportunities for women’s racing around the world keep growing. Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) President Brian Cookson (appointed in 2013)…

    9 February 2016