The 3 best road bike bells

17 November 2015

Cyclists like their bikes to look light, fast and minimalistic. Attaching things like saddle bags, pumps, smart-phones and bells to frames or handlebars breaks with this vision. We support this approach and happily stuff everything in our jersey pockets to keep our bikes looking clean.
But we won’t go without our bells.
Unless you cycle in places without other road users, or enjoy shouting at people in your way, you’ll agree. Having a bell on your bike leads to happier and safer cycling.
To keep the damage to your machine to a minimum, we found the three smartest and smallest bells on the market.

#1 Under-the-stem headset bell
This post was written just after getting the bell pictured below at our local Dutch bike shop Mechanieker. It’s mounted between the headset spacers and aims forward so it’s hidden under the stem. Several brands have similar looking designs, for example this one by Procraft. Damage: 7,90 euro.


#2 Spurcycle bell
Once a kickstarter project, now a well known minimalistic bell. Yes, it needs to be attached to your bar, but it’s stylish and black and looks super smooth when aimed forward.  Damage: €39,95
Spurcycle website


#3 HideMyBell
Have you fixed your Garmin cycling computer to an out-front mount? Well, then why not have the same mount for your bell? These Dutch guys invented an out-front Garmin mount with an integrated bell. The Garmin on top, the bell hidden underneath. Great solution! Damage: €29,95
HideMyBell website




We tested this very small Cateye bell, neatly attached to the headset spacers. The ‘ding’ of this bell however, is not easily detected. It might scare mice, but not elderly people or those engaged in conversation. We tested it approaching different people on multiple occasions and at varying speeds. The result: no reaction.



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