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    Backroads #1

    Almost 250 cyclists from all corners of The Netherlands (plus a few Belgians!) gathered at cycling cafe De Proloog on the crisp morning of April the 13th. Participants were handed a warm cup of…

    15 April 2019
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    Where The Streets Have No Name #3

    In its third year Where The Streets Have No Name has become a favourite on the Dutch cycling event calendar. The beautiful setting in the woods, unique routes and awesome after party are praised…

    30 March 2019
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    Our own event

    My last post (on hibernating or not) was posted long enough ago you’d think I decided to tuck myself away for the winter. But in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This…

    14 February 2017
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    Etxeondo and my ride in Basque Country

    In my last post I wrote about how to prepare for a big ride. My brief research into the subject led to 6 tips to get your mental situation in the right state for…

    1 September 2016
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    L’Eroica, a celebration of cycling heritage

    It all started in 1997 with one cycling romantic, Giancarlo Brocci, and his love for cycling’s rich heritage. To revive the cycling era of the past he created an event, L’Eroica. The idea? A…

    23 November 2015
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    Sheroes ride leader workshop by Strongher

    On saturday the 7th of November 50 cycle enthusiasts came together to learn something about leading a group ride. The Strongher organization had set up a workshop for anyone with aspirations to lead a group…

    12 November 2015
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    I think I share this feeling with lots of riders: participating in a cycling tour is a nice deviation from your cycling routine. Sure, most of the time you just want to focus on your…

    13 October 2015