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    Orbea Gain: roadbike with a little e

    Most of you will have the same thoughts on e-bikes that I did. They are heavy, unattractive and not for the true cyclist, who rides to feel fit and free. But sure, they can…

    5 October 2017
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    I’m cycling in the rain

    Inspired by this week’s weather I gathered a few great tips for when you go riding in the rain. Because sometimes you have no choice but to go riding in less favourable weather. And…

    27 May 2016
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    The drink bottle

    You might think that writing a post about drink bottles (or bidons) is a waste of time. I think you’re wrong. And it’s only a short one anyway. Consider this: You shell out hundreds…

    7 April 2016
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    Who says there’s no cool gear?

    Life’s too short to wear ugly cycling gear. And now is a good time to get a fresh kit. Most brands have just launched their spring/summer 2016 collections, and others will be launching soon. Here’s…

    31 March 2016
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    Dutch hotspots for cyclists

    Cycling in the Netherlands has recently undergone an image overhaul. Ten years ago, cycling was dutifully equipped as a means of getting to work or running errands in town. The only person watching the Tour…

    28 January 2016
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    Cycling Cap Culture

    Love them or hate them, caps are a part of cycling culture. Here’s what you need to know about caps to understand their role in cycling. In the early days of cycling, wearing a…

    19 November 2015
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    The 3 best road bike bells

    Cyclists like their bikes to look light, fast and minimalistic. Attaching things like saddle bags, pumps, smart-phones and bells to frames or handlebars breaks with this vision. We support this approach and happily stuff everything…

    17 November 2015
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    Budget winter bib test

    If you haven’t got your winter cycle wear sorted yet, this is the post for you. I have tested 4 winter bib tights (with pads!) priced 110 euro or less. I tried to keep…

    10 November 2015