End of the cycle season?

11 October 2015

The end of the cycling season here in The Netherlands also marks the start of It wasn’t planned this way, but conveniently, reading and writing about cycling is a nice alternative when you are stuck indoors because of lousy cycling conditions. And luckily, the cycling adventures continue, a little less close to home, but no less relevant.

If you are heading into winter just like us Dutchies, and you are planning on moving your bike up to the attic until spring, think again. With the right kind of gear everyone can face up to the wind, rain and cold temperatures the winter brings.

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Take these new Adidas winter bibs for women for example, the Belgement Bib Tights. I am a big fan of Adidas cycle clothing. The fit is great, the designs are simple, timeless and affordable and Adidas ranks third in the 2015 list of the worlds most sustainable corporations. I wore the warm weather version of this new bib or cycle suit as Adidas calls it, all through summer and love the mesh upper body design and the flattering cutoff of the shorts (no muffin legs!). Both these bibs boast the Comp HP seat pad made by Elastic Interface, promising 6 hours of comfortable riding. I have yet to cycle six hours in one day, but can confirm that 4 hours in the saddle are perfectly doable wearing this pad.

The belgements bib tights consist of Thermodream, a tough fabric that promises longer durability and will keep your legs snug and warm. The stirrup construction down the bottom will add warmth around your ankles and keep bare skin from peeking though. The Adidas UK site is now offering the belgements bib for 200 euros, and delivery and returns within Europe are free and fast.



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