I started Rubycycles as an online magazine for girls that like cycling. At the time I was ‘in between jobs’ trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my career. I was never very good at sitting inside and spending half my life in an office just seemed so unnatural. So I quit my job and started cycling almost every day. Writing about my experiences as a cycling newbie seemed like a sensible enough thing to do and so rubycycles was launched.

It led me into the world of cycling. I started my own business, began working for Soigneur and launched my own cycling event. Quitting my office job was the best choice I ever made.

My name is Ruby or Roebijn, and I live with Joost in a small house with a big garden in Amersfoort. I have been riding bikes all my life, as most Dutch people do. Owning a road bike however, changed my life in a really good way.

Rubycycles is where you’ll find articles I wrote when I just started cycling, I have also published a few articles I have written for others here and share some of my projects. Enjoy.

Langs Beach, New Zealand with a Chapter2 bike.

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