Say yes to chocolate milk

15 November 2015

I was quite disgusted when my brother, at the time training for an Ironman, talked about gulping down half a litre of chocolate milk after an endurance exercise. He told me about how perfect the drink is for muscle recovery and I didn’t think much of it. Until I got home from my first 3 hour cycle.
Since then I have joined the rest and swear by the magic powers of chocolate milk. I have also read up on why chocolate milk has such unique properties. I’ll give you a quick summary.

The power of chocolate milk

Chocolate milk contains a perfect three-to-one ratio of carbohydrate to protein, which optimally boosts glycogen (energy storage) replenishment. Secondly, chocolate milk provides the right measure of fast and slow absorbing proteins. Fast protein assists your system in quickly repairing muscle damage. Slow absorbing protein reduces muscle breakdown in the hours after your exercise. The brown goodness also contains more potassium (to help you rehydrate), calcium and vitamin D than you’ll find in most sports drinks. And you can also drink it hot!

What about lactose and sugar?

My friend Anna knows all about healthy food habits and lives by her own rules. She steers clear of gluten, and will always choose a sugar free option if possible. Lactose, she says, won’t do your body much good either.

She is not the only one who lives by these food rules. And for everyone with similar nutritional restrictions I have some good news; Anna found the perfect recipe for lactose free chocolate milk without any added sugar.

There haven’t been any studies yet to prove exactly how much your muscles benefit from this particular chocolate milk variation, but it’s full of protein and natural sugars and tastes fantastic.

Super healthy chocolate milk recipe

healthy chocomel

Blend the following ingredients and slowly add more water to get your preferred consistency. Enjoy!

1 banana

2 dates

4 almonds

4 cashew nuts

2 tablespoons hemp seed (optional)

1 tablespoon cacao or carob powder

½ avocado (optional)


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