The drink bottle

7 April 2016

You might think that writing a post about drink bottles (or bidons) is a waste of time. I think you’re wrong. And it’s only a short one anyway.

Consider this: You shell out hundreds or even thousands for a bike. And then you spend a couple more on a saddle that suits your posture, good firm shoes, a helmet that’s not too chunky and a flattering kit. You choose coordinating colours without getting too cheesy. You spend way more than you intended. But you are pleased with the result and sure you will cycle faster now that you look this good.


You then grab two mismatched, heavily branded drink bottles you were given in a goodie bag, shove them in their bottle cages and take off without thinking anything of it.
You carefully select your socks but have you ever consciously chosen your bottles?

Why we don’t care about the appearance of our drink bottles is a mystery to me. They are not a tiny detail, plus your often grab them and swirl them around for everyone to see.

I think it’s time for a change.

So here are a few examples of pretty bottles that will complement your frame. Remember to get two, it’ll still be the least expensive bike investment you make.


cafe du cycliste 2

Café du cycliste





tacx shanti

Tacx Shanti


maap cover











ten speed hero

Ten Speed Hero

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